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All About Visa Documents Process for Crew Dept Expatriate


November, 01 2022

The crew sailing works across continents for a particular time. As a result, there are many documents that they must fulfill for arrival and departure permits. In this case, a visa is one of the documents to prove someone's entry into a country which is the most important for the crew. It includes Indonesian maritime when foreign ship crews sail for the visa documents process, as follows.

Types of Expatriate Visa


Foreign ships sailing in Indonesia must report to the Migration Party to obtain a Crew Visit residence permit. This permit is valid for 30 days and must make Dahsuskim if you stay more than 30 days. According to the date of arrival, Foreign On-signer Crew will be issued a Visit Visa on Arrival (VKSK/VVSK).

VVSK/VKSK is a valid visit visa for 14 days. However, before 14 days, they must convert to Dahsuskim. If the foreign crew ignores this rule, they will be charged an overstay. In other words, the visa that is used for foreigners entering Indonesia aims to document requirements to stay in Indonesia and join the ships.

2. EVISA 211

EVISA 211 is a Single-Entry Business Visa consisting of several types, namely 211a, 211b and 211c. You can apply for a visa through with specific requirements. Meanwhile, the extension of visa documents process EVISA 211 requires the presence of the Evisa Holder to MPP Gedung Sumatra for Photo and Fingerprint Taking.

This process requires approval to extend the validity period by one month. The following extension, Visa holders, do not need to attend because it has a validity period of 1 month for a total of 3 times. In this case, visa extension requires Evisa Letter 211, Company Documents and passport. Documents submitted to MPP Immigration To complete the visa application process.


A crew visit is a ship crew visit visa valid for 30 days. This visa is essential for the foreign crew who come by ship to get a temporary residence permit on the ship. However, foreign crews running like Dahsuskim with 1-2 weeks remaining validity must apply for a visa documents process to become Crewvisit to avoid Dahsuskim's time limitation.

4. Dahsuskim

Dahsuskim is a particular immigration facility valid for up to 90 days or three months. Resident Visa Obligation for Foreign Crew joining on board the ship must have this permit. Dahsuskim has a function for crews who use VKSK or Crewvisit with a short term stay permit. At the same time, Dahsuskim functions for a maximum of 1 year with three extensions.

5. EPO

Foreign Offsigner Crew who will return home due to the end of their working period must submit a Formal EPO to Immigration. This document explains that the foreign crew wants the residence permit revoked. In this case, EPO is classified into 3 – EPO Formalities, EPO Dispensation, and EPO WASKAT. The EPO visa documents process must be submitted to the Immigration Operations Team.

Procedures, when ships arrive in Indonesian waters, have strict policies. The foreign crew on board must have a residence permit or visa. In this case, the visa processing process consists of several types, such as VVSK/VKSK, EVISA 211, CREW VISIT, Dahsuskim, and EPO. Therefore, T. Pelayaran Nasional SAMUDRA TUJUH offered the document management for the dept crew.

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